The Austrian confectioner behind HM-Chocolate has a love for the authentic, and the courage to do things differently. Johann Georg Hochleitner is fascinated with the cosmos and cacao – he is responsible for some of the most exciting chocolate innovations in recent years.

Let the ideas flow – select the best – commit to the vision.

This is the philosophy that drives HM-Chocolate. We’re guided by Plato’s trinity: one’s actions should bring into being the good, the true and the beautiful. HM-Chocolate products are inspired by a dedication to fundamental culture.

Offering the highest quality products and at the same time improving the lives of the people we work with are more than just lip service for our company – we give never-ending attention responsible intercultural action – day in, day out.

An intense awareness of art and design leads to perfection in form. We’re well aware of the fact that the pinnacle of aesthetics depends on the eye of the beholder, and it shows.