Without question, Al Nassma is the most exciting and novel of the multicultural Flying Chocolate creations. Dubai is at the centre of this story: there, on a very modern farm, live 3,000 camels under the very best of conditions. Each animal can produce 2 litres of milk per day, and 10 litres of camel milk are required for 1 kilogram of powdered camel milk. Immediately after milking, the camels’ milk is isolated in order to prevent contamination by bacteria.

The milk is then freeze dried using a very gentle process – this is how the powdered milk is produced. Thank to this special process, the wealth of vitamins and minerals contained in the milk remain intact and unharmed. In terms of nutrition, camel milk is in the same healthy category as mothers’ milk.

Blended with select cocoa beans, enticing bourbon vanilla, a hint of cardamom and harmonic honey sweetness, the white gold of Dubai has become a truly unique creation:

Al Nassma.

MANNER, an Austrian confectionery company rich in experience and know-how, handles the technical side of things. Al Nassma is nonetheless a trademarked Flying Chocolate composition. The first camel milk chocolate in the world is already in demand internationally. As with Al Nassma, the sweetness of adventure now has a more intense and sensual flavour: a taste of the Middle East.