This is the most known and loved of the types of vanilla found in the world today: bourbon vanilla.

With its soft, dark and voluptuos aroma, it is an essential ingredient of the HM-Chocolate creations.

We can’t all have the olfactory sensitivity of a professional vanilla sniffer – in truth such sensitivity is quite rare – but this special ability is essential in determining quality. We know that our bourbon vanilla offers the most amazing of notes for the nose. The reason is Madagascar and it’s intact ecosystem – that is where the best of the vanilla beans are produced. To ensure the highest quality, we have established long-term relationships with trusted growers in the area. These spice connoisseurs guarantee that their beans are allowed to mature fully; profit-oriented quick harvesting is taboo for them. These vanilla professionals also take care that the beans are properly dried, fermented and stored. We of course also check on all the processes from time to time…just to be sure that standards remain high.

It’s known that real bourbon vanilla offers the blissful combination of 200 taste components. Experience it for yourself and you too will understand. It is out of this fascination that we developed and grew our presence in the production of ground bourbon vanilla in Madagascar.

Ground vanilla immediately imparts its completely magical and sensual taste. It is delivered in easy-to-distribute airtight canisters that protect the aroma characteristics. We’re very careful with our vanilla.

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